Our Services

At ease in your new Home. Singapore.

ThinkLateral Relocation offers personalised relocation assistance in Singapore, to smoothly plan and start your life in Singapore. Our services include support on Family Life, Schooling, Health Care, Housing and Temporary Accommodation and Lifestyle to make your life in Singapore smooth and enjoyable from the first day.

At Thinklateral Relocation, we can help you: from finding your new home with our network of real estate agents to grocery options to household help.

Education and Schools

Thinklateral Relocation can assist you in identifying the right schools for your children amongst the many options and approaches available. Many times, the adult members of the family would like to restart education or continue an education path: we can support them in orientating across the many offer that Singapore system can provide for this purpose.


Singapore has an excellent Health Care system.

Thinklateral Relocation can help you perform the most appropriate choice of healthcare provider based on our experience.

Lifestyle and Activities

We can help you discover Singapore and the many activities you can experience – from shopping to horse riding.

From daily needs, beauty care, recreational clubs for the family, kids’s activities, from music to horse riding, we can help make the most of your free time in the city