COVID-19 and SHN Support

The process of relocation has been greatly affected by the global pandemic in all aspects. Traditional ‘Look & See’ trips to get familiar with the city, visit schools and residential neighborhoods are not possible any longer due to travel restrictions and quarantines. Those trips are important and difficult to find a replacement for. We are here to help and provide you a “Virtual Look & See” to bring Singapore alive for you. We will leverage existing video footage and create tailor made videos based on your needs. We can arrange virtual visits to schools, neighborhoods, properties, country clubs, and anywhere else that you deem important to familiarize yourself with the city.  We are your eyes on the ground so you can make the most informed decision for your family.

In addition we are providing a personalised quarantine service during your 14 day hotel stay upon arrival to Singapore. Think of us as your new ‘best friend’ in town. Should you require gym equipment, board games, arts & crafts, books or anything else that can help keep you and your family engaged and entertained during this time, we can deliver it to you within 24-48 hours, or if ordered pre-arrival,  we can have it ready shortly after you know the hotel you’ve been assigned.